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What is Arkhaane?

Arkhaane is the upcoming content-sharing platform for novels and homebrew Tabletop RPG’s Materials.

The platform is still under development, but you can still try out a limited version of it by joining our VAULT.

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Arkhaane: Homebrew DnD 5e materials for Game Masters

Useful Materials for Game Masters

On Arkhaane you will find useful DnD 5e Homebrew Materials for your adventures. Content for Game Masters and Players, to create awesome quests without spending too much time and energy in balancing.

But where has this project started?

About us

We’re a group of people just like you: we’re passionate about role-playing games and fantasy worlds and we decided to create something that people like us (you and each one of our team members) would appreciate.

With Arkhaane, we want to create a platform that promotes and supports content creation, content monetization, and content enjoyment, offering both new and veteran role players their own space to share this beautiful passion.

In fact, this is not the first time we do it.

The Story of Arkhaane started with two friends, and an Instagram Page called Bestiarium Fantasy.

Arkhaane Team playing a Homebrew Adventure

We have always wanted to share our passion for Roleplaying content and started a page to inspire other people to play and create. For that reason, we created an Instagram community focused on fantasy creatures from Roleplaying games.

In a little more than a year, we reached more than 63.000 followers, becoming one of the biggest Instagram communities for Roleplaying and fantasy content. 

That’s why we started thinking about Arkhaane. We started to work on this project with one vision in mind: creating a platform that will empower the Tabletop Rpg Community.